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Coffee, tea, and tap ice water are included in reservations in Telenor Expo and The Hub.

For more food and beverage, please go to "Add additional services".

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Food and beverage

Coffee, tea, and tap ice water are included in reservations in Telenor Expo and The Hub.
Expo Event Coordinator will contact you regarding detailed orders.

Click here for Seasonal menus.


Continental buffé, sandwiches/baguettes/focaccia, salads, or pastry.


Variety of buffés, sandwiches/baguettes/focaccia, salads, plates or set menu.


Variety of buffés, salads, plates or set menu.


Variety of cakes and pastry.


Assorted fruits.

Mineral water

Mineral water, soft drinks, juices, smooties.

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Technology and multimedia

Our Technical and Multimedia departments can assist you on a broad range of services. The listed products is just an overview of the most common services. You will be contacted for further planning.

Presentation laptop

Formatted laptop. All content will be erased after event.

Video Conference

Expo has four meeting rooms installed with video conference systems. The size of the rooms varies from 6 to 23 people.


Stream your event to reach a wider audience. Webcasts are available on-demand for 3 months. Longer availability can be ordered. Viewers may submit questions via the web interface (by request).

SMS services

To ensure attendance or push info, SMS is the easiest way to reach your guests.


We design and produce web pages and web apps for event registration and information. We also deliver mobile communication solutions to share information before, during and after events.

Presentation services

We can produce power point presentations from scratch or tidy up and tweak existing presentations. We also give advice on storytelling and message.

Films, TV-studio and 3D Animations

We produce a variety of films and 3D animations. We also have a green screen TV studio which is ideal for media training, talk shows, Quiz shows, product/service demos, speeches and other recordings.


Design and production of graphical material. We can produce tailor made invitations, flyers, roll-ups, programs, cards etc. This service may also be acquired by contacting our Graphic Design partner Pro-X.

E-mail invitation

Template design and distribution.

Event/conference app

Tailormade web app for mobile handsets. Event registration, agenda, newsfeed, multimedia content, participant info with contact storage. Interactive chat-solutions, feedback/poll system live on screen with pending result.

Other information

Customer Program

Telenor Expo Customer Program is an internal tool for planning and execution of customer meetings and events in Telenor Expo. The customer program is built around the special rooms, Telenor Innovation Centre, Visionarium, Solution Centre @work and @home. The intention behind the program is to make it easier to utilize the potential of these arenas.
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In order to assure you the best presenter/facilitator for your meeting, it is important that you fill in relevant information about your guests and whom from Telenor who will participate. This booking request will be the intitial information sent out to potential presenters.

Telenor information

Customer information

Demo - Presentation - Workshop

Select Customer program elements

Welcome to Telenor - 3D videos (7 min)

Video with Jon Fredrik Baksaas about the development and importance of communication. Telenor Group brand film expresses who we are and how we are different as a company. Growth comes from understanding the needs of people to drive relevant change.

Telenor Group presentation (8-10 min)

In the Telenor corporate presentation for the Visionarium some of our top management tell their stories about initiatives and how we work together with partners and customers across the Telenor Group.

Future development

Presentation and/or demo. The actual topics and demos will be decided in co-operation with Innovation Centre team.

Product demo in Solution Centre @work (45-60 min)

The Solution Centre @work is optimized for live demos of Telenor Norway Business Solutions.
Solution Experts guides your customer through the products of Telenor Norway Business. The Solution Centre is set up with a variety of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, all fully functional with Telenor solutions.
Choose amongst current demos.

Product demo in Solution Centre @home

Solution Centre @home is optimized for live demos of Telenor Norway home solutions.

Sales channel towards constructors, housing cooperatives and business customers. Training room for installer partners.

Workshop in Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is equipped with digital tools and process methodologies. Workshops will be planned together with the Innovation Centre team. It is possible to use an external facilitator for the workshop, from the company K. The facilitators from K have developed the methodology together with Telenor, and are also familiar with the technical solutions in the Innovation Centre. It is also possible to run the workshop with an internal facilitator.

Guided tour at Telenor (45 min)

Are you curious about the foremost Nordic workplace for innovative activity?

The Visitors Programme takes you through the interaction between technology, surroundings, working methods and art at the Centre. The Visitors Programme guides are regular Telenor employees working at Fornebu.

Why not use your meeting at Telenor Expo to learn more about Telenor and the unique workplace that the Telenor Centre at Fornebu provides? Telenor is one of the first companies in Norway to have its corporate policy directly reflected in its architecture: openness, accessibility and innovation.

Further planning

Telenor Expo Event Coordinators are experienced to tailor your event based on the needs of you and your customers.

Customer program

Additional services

For room booking, it is sufficient to fill inn event information. For advanced booking form, please fill inn event data and contact information and go to "Add additional services".

Additional services:

  • Food and beverage
  • Technology & multimedia services
  • Expo Customer program (Telenor only)
  • Solution Centre @work

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